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"Combining product knowledge with experience, ability and honesty. Saab factory trained under John Moss in Conneticut, James Subbot in Anaheim, and Mike Race in Chicago. Also Subaru factory trained. ASE Certified."



Welcome to Argos Automotive!
Your Rutland area independent repair facility specializing in the repair and maintenance of Subaru™ and SAAB™ brand vehicles.

As your car ages and parts begin to wear out, I can show you how and why. The truth is many subarus and saabs have headgasket problems-both internal and external leaking--that can last for years. Symptoms include fluid cross-contamination--that is--coolant getting into the oil--frothy dipstick--or oil getting into coolant system--oil present in the coolant resevoir. Once this happens, the longevity of your engine begins to decrease. Clearly, one doesnt want a water based substance in the engines oil lubricating system. Gaskets can leak externally--causing burning oil and/or coolant smells.... Check out these useful youtube videos.

Here at Argos automotive, replacing headgaskets on your subaru or saab is common place and routine.. I have crucial special tools and Subaru™ and SAAB™factory training for the correct replacement of these and many other parts that fail on your subaru or saab.