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"Combining product knowledge with experience, ability and honesty. Saab factory trained under John Moss in Conneticut, James Subbot in Anaheim, and Mike Race in Chicago. Also Subaru factory trained. ASE Certified."








Argos Automotive


Jon Argos AutomotiveJon Geear, owner of Argos Automotive, is a motivated auto technician specializing in Saab and Subaru work. While working at dealerships in Fort Collins, CO and Queensbury, NY he received specialized training under John Moss, James Subbot and Walter Lawson.

While growing up in Colorado, he worked at Mikes motorcycle's in the summers while he put himself through college at CU. It was then that he knew he had a knack for mechanical work. And a plan was hatched that eventually lead to Argos automotive opening in 2005.

Now he's enjoying his work repairing and maintaining your Saab or Subaru. Jon can be found practicing at Vermont martial arts academy.

So who was Argos? He was a big, lovable 14 year old chocolate lab. His primary job was to hold down the couch at Argos Automotive and greet the UPS guy. Jon loves Greek literature and named Argos after Odysses' dog, who loyally waited for him to return home from the Trojan War.


Argos lived 14 wonderful years and died in March 2007